Tuesday, February 14, 2012

She looks like an angel...

In this moment of restful sleep - she looks like an angel. So serene and peaceful it is hard to stay mad at the dog who chewed on one of my "finds" from the library sale. As I look at the mangled book I am reminded of her most recent digressions: puling trash from  the waste basket in the bedroom; running away from me into the living room with muddy feet, opening and eating a bag of TJ's chicken wrapped rawhide treats, and going into the garage to eat the cat's food or waste (whichever she can find).

I realize she isn't doing these things to me. She is doing these things because of me.  Who left the book on the floor in the room she likes to nap in? Who left the bag of treats out in a place she could get to them? Who didn't make sure the garage door was fully closed? And finally, who hasn't been walking the dog on a regular basis?

I look at my faithful companion sleeping - it is a perfect moment - a teaching moment.


  1. ahhhhh....she does look like an angel (with little bits of paper stuck to her lips!)i love her tooo

  2. our sweet Tehya, Love you girl!!!! Jenny give her a good scratch for me : )