Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here comes Newton...

So here I am trying to set up a blog and create my first post - then here comes Newton. This is Newton. 

The house is quiet - everyone is asleep.  I sit down at the computer and here comes Newton. He jumps on the desk, precariously climbs on piles of paper nearly knocking down a small vase, steps behind the monitor and circles around to the keyboard. This is when I pick him up as gracefully as he will allow and get him to my lap. He is on my lap and in my face reaching up with his front paws to "knead" my neck; and purring loud enough to drown out the rhythmic sounds of Mike's vent in the next room.  Drooling he lifts his face up to mine to brush his nose across my face. This is our late night interlude.

Why do I participate in this awkward dance? Because the sheer joy on Newton's face warms my heart.

This leads me to the title of my blog: Life - one pic at a time. I live an ordinary life filled with snapshots of perfect moments.

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