Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where's the post?

Where's the post been? In my dreams. A lack of dreamless sleep leads to a lack of creative thoughts. I am awake with Newton. Poor Newton. He was given his third strike last week (urinary blockage). After having surgery to remove the last external male attribute he had - he is restless. He seems more concerned about the shaved area on his front leg and his rear paw. I thought he would be looking for his lost member. Nope. I take the cone off so he can eat and do a little self-cleaning (above the waist). He goes after his leg and paw with vigor - to me he seems agitated as if he was given a bad haircut. He is a handsome cat - so everyone tells him. I think it went to his head. No worries Newton - the hair will grow back.


  1. what a story you have to tell.....missing member and a bad that is a BAD day.....get some rest my love

  2. love the fat comment, Newton be good to your mom, she needs her rest.